What I Loved in 2015

With 8 days left in 2015, it is time for me to sit back and reflect about how this past year has shaped up.  What did I love?  What changes did I make that worked for me, for our family, for balance?  How did I find joy, express creativity, show love?  What will I keep for the future…and what can be relegated to the bin of Unsuccessful Ventures?  Here we go….

1. I love books.  Still.  And I want to absorb as many of them as I can in my lifetime!  I read a lot more this year than in many previous years by making the most of snippets of free time…the fringe minutes, if you will.  I brought my Kindle everywhere, and popped it open at Target waiting in the returns line, while eating lunch at work,  while sitting in the Starbucks drive-thru line, and any other time I had a few spare minutes.  Having a ready book makes a big difference!  I also listened to Audible more than ever before…something useful during my long commutes.  Time flies when you are transported to Vichy France and worried about whether Isabella Rosignol will make it out of Paris without being bombed by the Germans in the countryside!

2.  I love to read, write, think, and talk about books. Whether rating and reviewing my books on Goodreads, talking about what I just read at book club,  looking for new books on Amazon or various blogs like ModernMrsDarcy, or reflecting on what I’m reading in my journal, taking the time to digest a book’s meaning for me is part of what gives it staying power.

3.   Creating art nourishes my soulI started an art journal in September 2014 after reading Gina Rossi’s No Excuses Art Journaling. I previously thought doing art would take a long time, and I had to be good at it to do it.  With this method, I do a little drawing every day, and one tiny playing card sized watercolor a week.  I’ve improved significantly, and enjoy going thru my days, looking for what I will draw or paint.

I also took an online art journaling and watercolor class from  Jane LaFazio this fall, and again, got to watch my work improve.  Having an outlet like this has done wonders for my creativity and changed the way I see the world around me.

4. I need to exercise, eat better, and figure out a way out of the clutter!  And get off Facebook.  Too much wasted time that could be better spent doing something that will actually give me joy.  Plans for 2016…more on this later!


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