At the Edge of the Storm

I drove to work this morning with a huge storm raging just to the east of me–dark boiling clouds, lightning, thunder, hail, wind.

On the road before me, there was no rain, and blue sky with puffy white clouds beckoned off to the west. I thought about the people stuck in that big storm. In the midst of driving rain and hail, they were unable to see a way out, but were focused on making it through the storm in safety. They wondered what was next–would they make it to work without hail damage? Would there be flooding in their way? How much delay would this cost them in their plans for the day? Was there a surprise tornado lurking in the darkness? How long would this last?

Being in the midst of a storm is scary. Sometimes it feels like the lashing will never end, and you will be utterly destroyed. The noise can be deafening, the wind strong enough to blow you away–or at least blow away all that you have built. You may feel alone and afraid–there is no one to rescue you because they are being destroyed also, or are protecting their own as best as they can. Or perhaps the darkness of the troubled sky keeps you from seeing the help that is nearby.

But sometimes we watch the storm from a distance, and see the sunny dawn that will soon be revealed.

Today, I was able to see the bright blue sky on the other side of that giant cloud of boiling darkness, to feel the cool breeze, and to smell the scent of deep wet nourished earth after the rains have come and gone. I knew the storm had an end, and was able to see it.

Perhaps you are deep in a storm of your own today. Pain, loss, fear. Shifting foundations. A medical diagnosis. A betrayal, or worry for the future of a child. Perhaps leaders you trusted and admired turned out to be just human, like the rest of us. Know that you are loved. And know that this storm will end. There are blue skies and gentle breezes on the other side. Fresh earth, ripe for new growth. I know, because I have seen them. And I know that you will too.

In the Eye of the Storm

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