Wonder: a Word for the 2018 Year in Progress

For the last few years, I’ve started those short January days by choosing a word to define what I want to find in the upcoming year. Love. Gratitude. Simplicity. This year, I chose the word WONDER.

Life can lose that sense when we are no longer looking at it through the eyes of a child. Our grown up selves can take what we see and experience for granted, become immune to the power of the ordinary. Sometimes we are moving too fast.

Dark skies and tall clouds mean rain and no umbrella to protect my not-messed-up hair. A brilliant sunset is blurred out by all the cars stopped around me on the freeway and the smell of exhaust from the semi truck ahead. I don’t splash in muddy puddles with my kids because I don’t want to get my shoes wet. I do not act surprised when the bubbles pop or the ladybug lands on me.

And yet. I yearn for that sense of wonder. I look on the faces of my little ones, eyes wide open and mouths in round Os of delight. The little gasps, the claps, the full body wiggles and jumps. Visceral excitement, felt with the entire being. This is the way to experience life at its richest and most sublime. This year, I have been seeking these moments, basking in this wonder, finding it and sitting at its feet, listening and watching. And my life is richer for it. I name those moments, stop and experience awe.

We need more experiences that stop us and remind us that we are small (and that is ok) and not alone in the universe. Find your moments of WONDER and live with more delight.

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